Goals for 2010

Festiball – Newman Students’ Union (2009)

If you check out the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu section of this blog you’ll see that back in 2007-2008 I had started competing, and unfortunately due to injury I was forced out of the Grace Invitational at the Seni during 2008, and then I was elected to Sports Development Officer and my degree work went crazy of sorts and I didn’t get much more time to train at Gracie Barra Birmingham and compete around the UK.

As a direct result of watching the 2010 Mundials, courtesy of http://www.budovideos.com/online/, I am really charged about wanting to train and compete again. It also helps that my responsibilities to Newman will be over on June 30th and for the forseeable future I have the time to train. I’ve watched over my videos from the last competition I entered and I can see areas where I could have done loads better. However I fell into the University lifestyle and gained a few unsightly pounds.

My first goal is to lose 30kg  back to my last fighting weight of 90kg (limit was 94.3kg with the Gi), the second goal to compete as much as I can in the tournaments that are left this year and finally my last goal is to train as regularly as I possibly can (once I have sorted out a job to pay for classes and such).

To succeed in this goal I will use the blog to capture the journey back to 90kg, with dieting tips and meal suggestions, as well as discussing techniques, strategies or performances that I feel I should reflect on to assist me getting back to where I was before I started Newman.


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