UFC 116: Lesnar versus Carwin

Copyright of the UFC

The UFC ultimately drew me, in the first instance, into getting healthy and losing weight back in 2007 prior to attending University and I keep thinking about the factors that were involved in achieving that weight loss the first time round and whether I can achieve my target.

When I achieved it the first time round I was working in a bar and walking every day, included some cycling as well as humid days during the summer as well as attending at least two classes of two hours striking and/or grappling per week in combination with the healthy eating “clean, lean, mean, fighting machine” diet that I’m putting myself through now.

Today I reached 125kg which is the first goal achieved having started the diet at 127.6kg. I know it’s not a massive amount but hopefully its the start of getting back to my ideal weight. Whilst BMI (Body Mass Index) would suggest that my ideal weight for my height is around 11 or 12 stone (roughly 170lbs) having been down to the high end of 13 stone I know what is ideal for my body without becoming ill or unhealthy so I’m focusing on attaining a walking/fighting weight of around 14 stone. Still, looking at the sidebar, that is an expected loss of 5 stone (that will drop off my face and specifically my stomach, which is noticably felt the effects of University and a bad diet).

The intention of this post was to discuss something other than the diet, specifically, predictions for the above named UFC card.

UFC 116 Predictions

My predictions will be in bold and the winner will be in italics. If I have predicted the fight accurately then it should look this in bold italics.

  • Karlos Vemola versus John Madsen (Unanimous decision, unaired)
  • Daniel “Ninja” Roberts versus Forrest Petz (Split decision, unaired)
  • Gerald “Hurricane” Harris versus Dave Branch (Knock Out, slam)
  • Goran Reljic versus Kendall ‘Da Spyder’ Grove (Unanimous decision)
  • Seth Petruzelli versus Ricardo Romero (Submission, armbar)
  • Brendan Schaub versus Chris Tuchsherer (TKO, strikes)
  • George Sotiropolous versus Kurt ‘Batman’ Pellegrino (unanimous decision)
  • Krzysztof “The Polish Experiment” Soszynski versus Stephan “The American Psycho” Bonnar (TKO, strikes)
  • Chris “Lights Out” Lytle versus Matt “The Immortal” Brown (submission, armbar)
  • Chris “The Crippler” Leben versus Yoshihiro Akiyama (submission, triangle choke)
  • Shane Carwin versus Brock Lesnar (submission, arm-triangle choke)

So out of the whole card I got 50% right but in my defence Carwin dominated Lesnar in the striking and how the fight wasn’t ended was beyond me as I’ve seen other guys in that position and it’s been called by the ref. Perhaps my prediction statistics would be better if I’d only predicted the main card.


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