X-Factor – Week One of Live Voting

Or … what I would have tweeted during last night’s show:

Nu Vibe were distinctly average and I wouldn’t buy their album. Don’t think they could compete in the current market with JLS, One Direction and The Wanted.

Sami’s song didn’t do it for me. There’s no doubt she can sing but I just didn’t connect with her performance. Hopefully she’ll get a better song next week.

I liked Craig’s.

Sweet performance from Janet and I’d like to see her in the final.

Frankie playing to strengths because his voice is not as strong as others in the competition. I expect him to finish mid table and be voted off a few weeks before the final based on that performance.

I absolutely despise Louis Walsh. We know that Johnny can sing but all Louis wants to do is make him look a fool. If Louis continues to do this I expect to see Johnny touring SUs and gay clubs after being knocked out soon.

Disagree with the judges comments. I thought it was a good performance from Marcus but I would’ve liked more connection from him.

Don’t know what to say about Rhythmix. I don’t dislike them but I don’t like them either.

Misha B is undoubtedly a leading light but she didn’t do it for me although it was a good performance.

Wasn’t a fan of The Risk’s vocal arrangement. Could have been better.

Liked Sophie’s performance. Would like to see her reach the half the way point.

Kitty was OK. Haven’t liked either of her song choices. Last week’s wasn’t good for her and this one isn’t contemporary enough for me.

So, of those performances, my three tips to go this week would be (in likelihood from the public vote):
1) Johnny
2) Nu Vibe
3) Frankie


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