Save Stafford Hospital

Stafford Hospital, which serves the population of Stafford, Rugeley and Cannock as Midstaffs Foundation Trust, is under threat.  There are temporary plans to restrict the Accident and Emergency cover at nights and weekends. There is widespread anxiety that this could threaten the future of an A&E in Stafford, and reduce the future viability of the hospital.

Stafford like many small hospitals struggles to attract enough consultants to run an A&E department. In the case of Stafford four years of negative publicity Investigations and Inquiries has made this far worse. Stafford Hospital is now uniquely vulnerable.

When the Midstaffs Inquiry reports in 2012 it is to be expected that this will help to put matters into perspective, but that may be too late!  Whatever the problems of the past may have been it is clear that Stafford needs to have a good hospital with an appropriate level of A&E cover.

The petition seeks to remind all those involved in deciding the future of the hospital that we as the users of the hospital wish it to be supported through its current difficulties so that it is there for us in the future. Please see what Stafford residents have to say when we’ve been out to the public with out petition, and click the our Save Stafford Hospital on the side toolbar and sign our petition:




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