Back on Track

After seeing my friends from Uni at the weekend I’ve come back energised and re-motivated about sorting out my teacher training application. This is a good thing, I feel, as its a profession that I would be really good at.

One area that institutions told me hindered my 2010-2011 application for a PGCE was not enough School Experience. For those who are unfamiliar with this concept – basically its about going into classrooms and volunteering to show commitment on your application.

As competition for Teacher Training intensifies with new undergraduate applicants and graduates who were pipped to the post the previous time it is essential that serious candidates have as much school experience as possible. Otherwise how will the institutions know to invite you to an interview to test your suitability?

After writing several times to the local authority high schools about undertaking some school experience with them I have only had 3 responses to date: one that gave me a day, another who didn’t provide the course I want to specialise with and another that has so far been unable to do anything about my application.

I got a lot of good experiences in an independent school with a friend who has since moved away from the area. But I worry that my lack of mainstream experience again will hinder my application in the future. So I’m going to try and open up the field and see if I can get a day or two in a school outside of Stafford.

If you have the ability to help me get some school experience I would be eternally grateful. 🙂


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