Looking Back on January – #NYR

As we move into February I’d like to take the time to reflect on how I’m doing in the goals I set myself in the New Years Resolutions for 2012. If you follow me on Twitter you should see some regular updates under the hashtag #NYR. I’ve also decided to put my resolutions on the side bar of this blog so I can regular keep up to date with them and remember what I’m supposed to be achieving.

Make more of an effort to see my friends from University and those who I studied and graduated with: I was very lucky that I was able to spend some time with friends from my course mid January and it felt like no time had past at all. Its great to hear how they are doing and see how they are moving forward after their degree. Though it reminds me to organise things with friends who I lived with and studied different courses – so if you’re reading this please expect an email or facebook message from me soon.

Learn how to cook better food (like one of the celebrity chefs, perhaps Jamie Oliver): I haven’t yet found a recipe I’ve liked enough to try but I did watch More 4 the other day and renewed my intention to learn how to cook better quality recipes.

Get myself in shape, and return to the form I was in during the 06-09 years, or make a good attempt to: Need to focus more on this during February.

Blog at least once per week: 6 posts during January, so 2 above the average of one per week, so I can sign off January in that respect. 🙂

See a minimum of 3 plays this year: No further movement on this at the moment though I did manage to go to the cinema this month, which was nice.

Read a book at least once per quarter – I have Tony Blair’s A Journey, Johnathan Powell’s The New Machiavelli: Half way through the first chapter of a book and need to spend a bit more time reading, so its definitely something to pick up on during February.

Write at least one act of a good play about a subject out of my comfort zone: Not yet but I’m thinking that my first few months are a bit hectic so I’m going to aim to start doing this around June/July time.

Pass my Driving Theory Test by the end of the year: Need to focus on this during February.

Spend some extended time outside of Stafford recreationally (3 days minimum): In the planning hopefully for summer 2012 or October for Conference season, or both if my responsibilities don’t conflict.


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