Distilling the Narrative

Social media is a powerful tool enabling people all over the world to connect and engage with each other. It allows people both with friendly and unfriendly intentions to research their target’s social media presence for a real world application. For this reason I believe that social media should be respected as a powerful tool.

I previously held a position on multiple accounts linked together, and it enabled me to post what I like and everyone else would have to like it or lump it as they were subscribing to me and my feed. But I don’t think that was me playing by the rules of social media. You don’t use a platform like LinkedIn to post cat lolz pictures or youtube videos – you’ve got to play by the rules of the game.

Twitter is increasingly becoming my primary social media site of choice so I thought it would be appropriate to distill the narrative of my facebook and twitter accounts and make a specific political facebook page for myself, for people to opt in to. You can like my Councillor Rowan Draper page at the bottom of my blog or by pressing on the facebook logo at the top of the blog logo.


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