Laws of War

I first watched this last year in June when it was first presented. By the end of the documentary I was horrified at what was presented. It showed the government removing the United Nations leaving no international witnesses to the crimes they were about to commit. Jon Snow outlines it eloquently when he says:

“Over the next four months these hundreds of thousands of these innocent civilians would be bombed herded, and corralled into an ever decreasing area of land. In these killing fields tens of thousands of them were destined to die – deliberately targeted by government fire”.

The international law is clear on this issue as many of the presenters assert: that Governments are only allowed to attack military operations and personnel not civilians. However when the government created no fire zones to ensure that civilians would be untouched, as they proclaimed to the international world, they showed an intent and disregard to the people who were not active in the conflict. They attacked hospitals, doctors, women and children. They exposed them to systematic executions, rape and torture.

A response video has been published on YouTube titled ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields Channel 4’s Fake documentary‘ where a television presenter refutes the claims of the documentary on spurious grounds, to my mind, and focuses on justifying the government’s response on the basis that the LTTE have committed atrocities. Available here:
This is why you should support an e-petition calling for the British Government to support an independent, international war crimes inquiry in Sri Lanka and push for justice for those people who were murdered by their government.

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