Game of Thrones

Season 2 starts on the 2nd April at 9pm on Sky Atlantic and I’m looking forward to it a whole lot!

A Very Thick Book: 780 pages

I think many people have been drawn into Game of Thrones because of it’s Sharpe v Lord of the Rings v Soprano’s v Borgias v Tudors kind of appeal but I suppose the producers knew that when they started the project and casted Sean Bean as Lord of Winterfell and Hand of the King, Eddard Stark. As an actor he draws you into the programme, and he’s got a very watchable quality, and you think you know what’s going to happen whilst he’s on screen.

Part of my New Years’ Resolutions for this year was about wanting to read more regularly as it’s something I don’t do well unless it’s on a screen (phone, laptop, television). So I set myself the goal of reading one a book every three months, which works out at 4 for this year, given three months each to try and finish it. I’ve been failing miserably over the last couple of months.

So to give me a shot in the arm sotospeak and try and cajole my resolutions I went and got the Game of Thrones series: A Song of Ice and Fire, A Clash of Kings, A Sword of Storms: Steel and Snow, A Sword of Storms: Blood and Gold and A Feast of Crows on Friday. Luckily they weren’t all sold at the book price £8.99 each but at £5 or £6, which made it much easier to get them all at the same time. The thing is with each of the books is that they are all each a very thick book, as you can see to the right, and there’s soon to be a sixth book: A Dance with Dragons.

I’m just about to start the section on Ned Stark on page 37 so I’m not too far into it as the little dip at the front of the book is where my book mark is so you can see just how much I have left, just to finish this book, and times that by four more! You can keep up with my progress on twitter at #NYR.

To wet your appetite for Season 2, here’s a trailer from HBO:

Once I’ve finished with A Song of Ice and Fire I intend to blog about which characters are my favourite, to see if they are any different from what comes across in the TV show, though I won’t give you any spoilers as to who they are now.


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