How not to use Plenty of

Internet Dating allows individuals, couples and groups to make contact and communicate with each other over the Internet, usually with the objective of developing a personal, romantic, or sexual relationship.

One would presume that internet has become so popular is because its borne out of a desire to meet someone either because their life is busy or because they aren’t happy with their offline social networks ability to help match them for dates.

Who knows how successful they are and how content the users are with their services?

I’ll give you  my 5 top tips for being successful at internet dating, or at least ensure that you’re not making it harder for everyone else:

Don’t use it for one-nighters: Whilst it is an important part of any relationship the more users there are out there who only looking for a one-night stand (on their end at least) the harder it makes it for every other user to trust and access the system. Feel free to do what you want but there are options for intimate encounters / bit of fun but that’s probably best to caption what you’re looking for rather than dating or looking for a relationship.

Don’t be a tool: If you are on your computer and offering to show explicit pictures or are writing blue messages and you haven’t met the person then I guarantee you it’s a bad idea. If you’re the one doing it it’s likely you are over-extending yourself and presenting a bad image of yourself so think on that: especially in this age of digital literacy – can this be photographed and published elsewhere? Would you be happy for your parents or work colleagues to see this kind of behaviour from you? If you reciprocate and you haven’t met the person or struck a connection you’re encouraging bad behaviour which perpetuates the cycle for every other user.

Don’t profile yourself badly: Having a nice body or the right assets that a potential partner finds desirable is not a crime but when the only profile photos available for users to see are of you in bed, in your underwear, absolutely smashed or the like only suggests one thing. If you write in your profile that you want to be taken seriously, or that you’re not looking for someone who’s only interested in one thing, then please do have a look at how you are branding yourself and make it harder for the tools to screw up the system for everyone else.  If you think you have to show off some flesh to get some interest just ask yourself whether that’s the kind of attention you want?

Don’t write in text speak: I can think of nobody I know who when looking to date, or for a relationship, says the first thing they want is someone who is their intellectual inferior. By writing in text speak you are proving that even the most basic of education is a struggle for you, and you’re probably a really intelligent person who can hold a conversation, so don’t let yourself down and take the time to click on spell check before you post your profile or send any messages to other users.

Don’t project your last relationship: If you sat down for a meal with someone, and went to a nice restaurant, took the trouble to make someone feel special and all they did was talk about their ex(es) you’d be rightly pissed off and for good reason. So when you take to writing your profile we know that the world is shit and that there are a lot of tools out there but please take five minutes to constructively think about how you can appeal to potential partners rather than use your profile as a Dear Diary entry to acknowledge what A, B or C did to you in your past.

If you can manage all of these things you may just be lucky enough to find a relatively nice potential partner to go for a coffee or dinner with.


One thought on “How not to use Plenty of

  1. Step 1 of internet dating is *Get on OkCupid*. Do not PAY for internet dating, the business model does not include getting you someone to go out with you!
    The rest of your tips are excellent.

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