To Jason Manford

Re: ‘Jason Manford On Trolls and Gary Barlow’

Hi Jason,

I wanted to write to you and share with you the experience that your blog posts have given me.

This morning I saw your post and added it to my blog, so that I could come back to it and read it in the future without having to go searching, and since it was posted there have been 109, 494 views including 119 comments, 6k Facebook Shares, 7k Twitter shares and my phone has been going off all day thanks to comments through wordpress and RTs on twitter, and that’s without acknowledging all the tweets who’ve copied the link without my twitter name on it. also received an email I promised I forward on to you, after I told him it was your work:“The content of your blog is brilliant. You’ve faced up to people who support your writing and said “your’re a dick”. Well played – challenging your readers in this way would be easy to avoid. But you don’t just say it, you explain it, you explore it. Well played Sir.

And you write so well! I have little idea of who you are, or why people read your blog. A friend posted a link on Facebook. But… if you were writing for a newspaper I might possibly consider thinking about maybe buying it.

I remain bemused as to why anyone would want to have a go at someone who has lost a child so recently. In the midst of the closing ceremony of the Olympics… people still wanted to have a go at a bloke who writes some songs !? Who turned up and delivered? Well played for using your platform to challenge this mentality. Well played for doing it so eloquently. But most of all, well played for bothering.”

Whilst I don’t have the ability to go into my story I would like to congratulate and thank you for what you wrote and the stats that my website has enjoyed in this sub 24 hour period is testament to that.

Keep well and look forward to your next show appearance.


9 thoughts on “To Jason Manford

  1. Well said Jason, i read all of your post, but the very last paragraph had me in tears, i personally have given birth to two healthy girls the eldest met an undesirable and i now have custody of their 3 children, and it upset me to think that even though my 3 grandchildren are being brought up in a loving family, they will never have the feeling of a Mam & Dads love together (hopefully me & my partner will fill their hearts with enough love that they never feel they have lost out) … People forget that every loss is heartbreaking :-((( X

  2. It is a sad reality that an awful lot of human beings seem to be incapable of feeling empathy for others. The internet provides a platform for such people to vent their bitterness and ignorance, often using hateful language. They must be tortured souls, unable to experience the wonderful reward of loving and giving to others.

  3. No matter how old or how far the pregnancy has gone, its awful heart ache for all concerned, my heart goes out to Gary Barlow and his family, Unfortunately life has to go on, although I am sure he is heartbroken and very upset and trying to comprehend the mixed emotional feelings that are going on inside! NO ONE knows whats is on the inside, he may well be crying and hurting so bad, but on the outside appear happy and Normal! you never get over completely the loss of a baby no matter how old, you learn to live with that loss! Gary performed as he promised to do, I am sure he would much rather have been with his wife and family, but he did it and well done to him! I have recently lost an unborn Grandchild we are all suffering her loss, inwardly, outwardly we look and appear as normal. But Nicole will never be forgotten ever and was always loved and wanted! Give Gary Barlow a break!

  4. Having suffered 2 miscarriages (early on), and lost my eldest child to cancer at 8 years old, I can understand the grief and heartache that Gary Barlow and his wife are suffering. But you carry on, as Gary did with the Olympics closing ceremony, something he had already promised to do. You live for each other, and your surviving children, and the pain does ease eventually.

  5. Well said Jason, I have the utmost respect for Gary Barlow, and his family. Having been through such a loss myself, it is awful, and I would hate for it to happen to any of those people, because they would never cope clearly. Love and respect to all. xx

  6. well said Jason, I am a mother of 3 and also a midwife. I can only imagine what Gary and his family are going through at the moment. They will never forget little Poppy, and the pain will ease with time. I have cared for people that have lost their baby at the end of pregnancy, and seen the grief in their faces. Respect to Gary for appearing at the Olympic closing ceremony.

  7. The blog was amazing. I loved reading it and would just like to say well done for standing up to these amazingly stupid people. I have real respect for Gary, his family and now you

  8. Loved this. As a mother who experienced a full term stillbirth. Its stunning the stupid things that people say. The thoughtless comments that hurt so much more and make the pain one hundred times worse. Am working on a book with LOTS of women who have been through the same thing. Hope that Jason can support us, with other celebrities, who have also lost their babies. Stillbirth is such a big taboo. Its time to break the silence!

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