Van Persie leaves Arsenal

Arsenal FC have confirmed the sale of Striker Robin van Persie to Manchester United for an undisclosed fee.

Van Persie will travel to Manchester on Thursday  to agree personal terms and complete a medical ahead of the proposed move.

The striker who refused to sign a contract extention was also linked to Rivals Manchester City but talks broke down due to demand by Manchester City board. Arsene Wenger will now look to add to his attack. Arsenal have reported to be interested in signing Wantaway Fernando Llorente.


Link:  Arsenal News

I cannot fully describe how angry I am over this transfer and I cannot understand why Wenger or the club would let him go before his contact is finished. Do contracts mean nothing nowadays? That’s before getting into RVP’s decisions to leave.

I hated that City won the league last year by cheating the system and found myself preferring to see Man Utd to win the league. Now I cannot stand the sight of either City or Utd winning the league because it is clear they cannot do it on their own.

And why? Man City have always and will always be mid-table and when the money runs out they’ll be back there just like Chelsea. Man Utd have failed to redevelop their squad and only strength lies in a small handful of players. Had City not had their Tevez problems and the like Utd wouldn’t have finished where they did, and so if I were a United fan I’d be worrying for my team’s performance this year.

So to compensate they buy RVP? An injury prone striker who’s only had one decent, consistent season with Arsenal.

I will come back later and expand on some of my other thoughts about this but I’m still infuriated that the club has let its Captain (leave out of contract) a second time in consecutive seasons!


2 thoughts on “Van Persie leaves Arsenal

  1. I’m a little confused? You’re bitching about him leaving in one breath, and in the next you are saying he is injury prone and has only had on decent season?
    Are you sad to see him go because it is a loss to your club, or are you envious that another club will benefit from him?
    Remember, Arsenal are in the game to make a profit and are pretty unique in that respect. The others are in it for the trophies. Both are good at what they set out to do and are very poor at the opposite.
    Just for the record – I don’t support any of the clubs you have mentioned.

  2. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I think this is a case of bad blogging when angry. I am angry he left, and the way he left being a large part of it, but it doesn’t change that he hadn’t fulfilled his potential with us due to injuries and has only really had the one great season. But he was our injury prone striker, and we’d supported him through good times and bad, and the way he left showed a lot of disrespect to the fans I feel.

    I’m not as bothered he left. I had no issues with Fabregas going because of the reasons he left. Was a bit pissed off how left (and how it was strung out) but it was different because he wasn’t going to a direct rival. Clichy, Nasri and now RVP have all left for direct rivals and I don’t think that’s right given their history with us.

    Fans spend years investing in these players, as our players, and we build lots of emotion in their performances and their persona on and off the field related to the club. And I’d liken the process Arsenal fans have been through with the players mentioned above like ending a relationship. You’ve invested so much, you’ve come to rely on them, and you share the good times and the bad with them and then it’s over. As fans we’re not as well informed as the club management so sometimes it can come as a shock and using the relationship analogy that’s why it can take some time to ‘grieve’ for the player (in football emotions at least).


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