End of an Era

I’ve included a picture of a fresh faced and wide-eyed 18 year old me, attending a birthday party of a friend from College, to illustrate the amount of time I have spent in the hobby I today finally decided to quit for good.


When I first joined I was 16 and I had loads of major life lessons left to learn, though I didn’t know that at the time, and I mistakenly thought that knowledge was the key to success. Impressionable school rhetoric given the age, perhaps?

What actually happened was a total ignorance of knowledge in favour of the status quo. This helped me to learn, and reflect back on the quote from Cersei Lannister who says “knowledge is not power, power is power” to Ned Stark before he befalls his deception and murder at the hands of the courtiers of the Iron Throne of Westeros.

Looking back I also think it helped me learn to be more patient, considerate and methodical. I learned that you could have read all the most important texts in the world and be able to quote from them but in reality that was not important.

It was also my first real leap into adulthood, surrounded by people who were not and made sure not to be bound by the playground politics of childish innocence.

Now twelve years on I have come to the conclusion that I can develop no more with the hobby group and have decided to call it a day.

I would say I’ll miss people but in truth it’s been more hassle than pleasure, and those who want to keep in touch will do.


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