Why Ted’s story matters

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) for the last nine seasons has pushed the bar of what is a sitcom and, in a similar way to Friends, has shaped people’s experiences and expectations of what life is about. During my University days I spent many a time talking about or referencing HIMYM and even bought the Bro Code and studied it for a short time.


HIMYM was one of my all-time favourite sitcoms until the Season 9, and show, finale where this happened. Please do not click the links if you have not seen it, and would count this as a spoiler:


This ending upset me for a number of reasons, specifically because the writers and cast had spent so long building up to the meeting of the mother. It almost seemed like Ted and Robin had got closure and she was moving on with Barney, until they broke with the audiences faith and decided to turn the story on its head.

One of the most appealing traits of Ted’s personality, and why you get hooked on him, is that he’s a hopeless romantic and you want him to end up with the right girl in the end. He spends so much time with relationships that end up nowhere but you care about anyway: Stella, Victoria as two examples.

Robin wasn’t one of those examples for me. She’s an independent girl and was an alpha, and when the connection was made with Barney, that should’ve been it. It’s entertainment after all, but it didn’t happen.   

Here’s what should have happened:

Ted’s story isn’t simply something the writers can whip from under your feet. It’s supposed to be there to symbolise what hope and love can be achieved in life, for me. Lily and Marshall are great but how many people meet the mother of their children and wife in College/University? I can’t imagine many.

So, Ted’s story is about hope for everyone else that has had to search, wait and find the right girl that was perfect for him. His expectations were so out there that to find that one woman should’ve been it. Why couldn’t they live happily ever after? 

After a 10 year build up of the show only to have the show be about Ted chasing another woman, ultimately, is a betrayal of the time and emotion viewers invested in Ted and ultimately Tracey.


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