Tough Enough Predictions

Following last week’s episode Tough Enough the number of contestants were cut down to 3 guys and 4 women. In week 8 (of 10) we’ll see 3 on 3 and only two people can win. Tanner, Josh and ZZ are left competing for the WWE Superstar contract and Amanda, GiGi and Sara Lee are competing for the WWE Diva contract.

Check out the rules of elimination:

My predictions for the Season winners are: 
Josh wouldn’t have been one of my go-to picks at the start of the show because of the limited film on him. With Mada and Patrick being eliminated from the show in the previous weeks I think that has allowed the field to open up for Josh. He’s getting more time to show that he’s got the look, he’s got some charisma and he’s putting in the work to make it as a WWE superstar. This is in contrast to Tanner, who can physically cut it but whose charisma needs to develop and come out more if he wants to win the competition. ZZ, as has been highlighted, just doesn’t put the work in when it comes to the cardio side of the business which is important. If I were to imagine any of the three of them in a match today, it would be Josh and that’s why I think he will win this season of Tough Enough.

Giorgia, or GiGi, has been a pretty consistent performer throughout the show winning challenge after challenge. She’s obviously in great physical condition and she looks well with it too. My worries for her are her Australian roots and her character skills. I don’t know where I’d see her in the WWE Universe and I’d like to think she’d be able to either pick a decent niche area or would be able to reinvent herself to make that happen. At the moment I can’t see that from Sara or Amanda. I think Amanda is her main competition because I can definitely see a gimmick for her that will get her a crowd reaction if she pursues the show characterisation of herself. Sara struggles getting out of her head and will need to develop her skills building a character to compete because I think she can compete physically.


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