Making progress: one month in

So my New Year’s resolution was to stop smoking, pause drinking and lose weight. How am I getting on?   

  • I haven’t smoked a cigarette since I stopped (although I have had cravings and desires to smoke, but I’ve been able to manage them through willpower alone at this stage).
  • I haven’t had a drink in the same time, which is roughly 6 weeks ago, although there has been desire to drink especially after a long 9 hour shift at work.
  • I’ve been going to the gym at least three times a week for cardio sessions and PT sessions with Phil and or No Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, sometimes five plus, and I have returned back to a healthy eating lifestyle consisting of 6 days on, with one cheat/treat day, which seems to be working well again.
  • I have lost 16 lbs, or a 1st 2lbs, with nearly half of that coming off in the fast week. I am seeing improvements in how my clothes fit me but I am still motivated by the fact I cannot fit into the largest size BJJ Gi. 
  • I’m enjoying training with the guys at Fighting Fit and intend to continue with them on No Gi Friday nights, for as long as they’ll have me, and as long as I’m not at work even after I go back to GB Birmingham.
  • I still passionately want to be able to train in the Gi again and continue my BJJ instruction at GB Birmingham, so I am extremely frustrated I have to wait (but it’s my own fault and my punishment for losing control) so I am making all the right moves to get there as soon as possible so fingers crossed in a handful of months I’ll be able to fit in a Gi and the cobwebs will be completely dusted off, ready for me to return.
  • I bought a casual belt from Tatami at A5 to measure my progress and as a reward for losing the impending weight. I’ve put my tags on there, ready to go, and I’m waiting patiently to wear it out in public. When I’m able, I’ll have earned it.


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