First set of milestones

It’s been two weeks since my last blogpost and in that time I’ve done a few things I need to confess for:

In the first week of March I had my first session back on the alcohol, after two months paused, although it wasn’t planned as a session but The Market Vaults serves some of the best Hobgoblin by Wychwood Brewery I’ve ever had. Oh, and the Russell Coight (sans egg):

A range of excellent burgers and sandwiches are available Tuesday – Friday (12-2.30pm, 6-9pm) and Saturday (12-7pm) at The Market Vaults in Stafford Town Centre

So, I had 9 pints of real ale and two whiskey’s before walking home after the Kent DuChaine gig. The positive in this situation is that I didn’t smoke, and drinking usually leads to smoking with me, so this is a plus and one definitely worth celebrating around National No Smoking Day.
This means that I am coming up to 8 weeks without smoking at all, and there’s been no replacement therapy or weaning off. 

But over the last few days I’ve not been feeling it and had given myself a break from the rigorous diet every day and I’ve had some coke, pizza and chocolate across those days (not every day but one little treat here and there).

I weighed myself this morning and I’ve lost another five pounds, down to 22st 12lbs.

I also tried on the last Gi I was bought before I stopped actively training at Gracie Barra Birmingham. It’s a White A5 (the only white Gi I have) from Black Eagle and in previous occasions when I have tried to wear them I have struggled to get the pants to get past my thighs or my hips and this time I was able to put them on normally.

Yes, they are still a little tight, probably to the point I would worry about them being ripped if I were to train in them at this current stage so I won’t (as the company unfortunately went out of business, last I heard, and are no longer making pants to replace them) and I was able to tie my A3 Atama belt also, under my stomach. 

2015novablack-2t_largeIn my last blog post I talked about a casual white belt I bought from Tatami that I was too big for. I also tried this on, with and without jeans, and like my A3 Belt I was able to wear it over my hips and underneath my stomach.

So I decided to order a Nova 2015 Black Gi from Tatami, which comes free with a white belt, for training with the guys at Fighting Fit Stafford.

I may even write a Gi review for it once it comes and I’ve trained in it.

I have also since ordered some gear from Gracie Barra Wear Europe that included an A5 Blue Storm / GB Gi, a long and shortsleeve rashguard and a pair of shorts, as my targets to be able to lose enough weight to train in the right gear to be able to go back will be completed in the next month or two:


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