Making a full return to BJJ

Prior to pausing my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training 6 years ago I was starting to get into the competition scene, and I was starting to medal at competitions. I won Bronze at my last competition, the 2008 Bristol Open Winter Leg, and my goal then was to move on for Silver or Gold at the next competition. Unfortunately it never came.

After three months of training I’ve reversed my position (or at least a gut feeling when I first came back) that I wouldn’t compete again. 

I was having a conversation with one of my Professor’s last week at the Academy about competitions, goal setting, expectations and his experiences which had an influence on me. Ultimately I’m just too competitive not to want to compete. I want to win fights and win medals.

I know I’ll never be the next big thing in Jiu Jitsu but I’d like to be successful in competition wherever and whenever I compete. This is will ensure I’m always looking forward to the next competition to stay in shape, keep my weight down and my cardio up.

My hesitancy, when I first started thinking about it, was more about gaming for medals: I was worrying about picking the right age category and weight class, which I’d have to lose weight to compete in (because I’d ideally like to compete in Heavyweight), but I spent some time thinking about it and just thought what’s the point?

If I’m the least experienced person entering then it doesn’t matter about age and weight, and the reverse is true if I was the most experienced.

I just need to step onto the mats and compete.

So I’m going to fight in the Nottingham Open this year in November, so long as I can get the time off from work, in the Adult category (although I should fight Master 1 due to my age) and depending on how my weight loss has gone we’ll see where I am then.

It will probably be Super Super Heavyweight and the Absolute divisions but I’m going to have to improve my cardio dramatically to be able to compete in two weight classes on the same day. Perhaps you’ll look forward to more blogs about how you get a 22st rusty white belt to a competition in 10 months, and see how I get on.



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