One stripe left – Grading

third stripe grading
On the left end of the line, wearing the Blue Kimono, with three stripes.

Last night at the Fundamentals class with Professor Stuart (pictured middle, black belt) I received my third stripe which graduates me from the Fundamentals programme. I’m now entitled to attend Advanced and No Gi classes to help improve my Jiu-Jitsu skills.

I want to thank my instructors Professor Braulio Estima, Professor Rafael Pinheiro, Professor Stuart, Gwilt, Professor Dave Iverson, all of my coaches and all of my training partners. Without your support and help I wouldn’t be here.

Receiving this new stripe also means that there’s only one stripe left I can be graded to before I can be considered for promotion to blue belt. This I feel is an important step for my BJJ because it is a recognition of turning the corner past a student who’s half way but is getting closer and closer.

I’m going to keep training and working on the parts of the game I feel I’m lacking. I’m enjoying working on my half guard and I don’t feel as weak at it anymore but there’s still much more to learn and improve on.

Look forward to seeing you on the mats soon. Oss.


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