Competing in Liverpool

In making a full return to BJJ earlier in the year I talked about competing at the Nottingham Open in November this year. Having been on the mats since January, and 4 months back home with Gracie Barra Birmingham racking up a minimum of over 90 hours on the mat since April, I not only feel ready to compete but an active itch, or desire, to do so.

My last weigh-in was 20st 6lbs (127kg or 286lbs). I’ve broken the 300lbs mark, which is good, and I’m fitting into XL t-shirts and recently bought a GB Pro-Light A3 Blue Kimono (which I need to lose more of my belly for, for comfort). 

So, I entered the Liverpool International Open  organised by BJJ 24/7 in September in both the White Belt Masters Ultra Heavyweight in the Gi and Beginner Masters Over 97.5kg in No Gi categories. See the registration list here

I hope to lose another stone before the competition so that I’m competing around the low end of 19st. I’m going to be adding more cardio, conditioning and strength building to my routine so I can be in the best shape possible for the competition (with a minimum of two prospective fights).

I am regularly updating on my progress on my Facebook page.

This competition format will be new to me as I am used to fighting under strictly  International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) rules and this event is submission only. Out of the five BJJ fights I have already competed in, none of them have been finished by submission. This means I haven’t been submitted in competition and I intend to keep it this way. This means that if matches end up in a draw (no submissions) then an overtime period will begin with the following rules: 

  • Competitor A will choose one of two dominate positions; back control with hooks and seat belt grip or top arm bar position with competitor B holding a padlock defense.
  • Competitor A is working for the submission while competitor B is working to escape the dominant position.
  • There is a one minute time-limit and the competitors will alternate positions and competitor B will then get to choose back or arm bar position.
  • If one competitor gets the sub, then that person will be the winner. If both get the submission or neither gets the submission, they will repeat it again for 3 rounds.
  • If after 3 rounds, they are still in a stalemate, a winner will be determined based on the combined escape time from all 3 rounds, with the competitor who took less time to escape being declared the winner.

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