Then and now

On the left is my first BJJ class atGracie Barra Birmingham since 2009. In the picture, I am over 23st, and had already lost 1st 4lbs to get there, and wearing an A5 Pro Train, a tight A3 White Belt and XXL rashguard.

On the right is this month, after returning in April 2016, I have lost another 3st down to 20st. I am wearing an A3 GB Atama Gi with a large rashguard and my belt comfortably fits. 
I am now training a minimum of seven hours a week, most weeks, and I try to do both competition classes in the week, on Monday and Thursday. 

I continue to see my progress and evolution on the mats but I am still focused on getting back into the shape I was before I left – 14st and moving well on the mats. I compete at the Liverpool Open next month and I am training to win gold.                                                                  

The only one stopping you from doing the same is you. Be the change you want to see in your world. Try a free class at Gracie Barra Birmingham and try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


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