British Open 2017

A couple of weekends back I was waiting to fight my first British Open competition, and make my domestic debut at Blue Belt, which I had been training hard for. I had stayed relatively injury free until the week of the competition when I made a schoolboy error when it came to one of the techniques we were drilling on the Tuesday – and I rolled over my head rather than my shoulder (luckily my partner was light so didn’t hurt as much as it could’ve done) but by fight time I was nicely warmed up, had mobility in my neck so it’s not the start of making excuses.

I felt really good, warm, loose, focused and ready to fight when I stepped on the mat. I was confident that I had the right game plan for the opponent’s body shape I was going to fight against. My training had been really good in improving range of techniques I was catching against training partners and I knew what I wanted to attack.  

My brother got a video of my Ultra Heavyweight fight with Jake Stirling from Marsden Martial Arts:

Spoilers – commentary: I got a collar grip and pulled to deep half guard. I tried to get underneath him for the sweep. I spent a couple of minutes fighting for the right grips going for a number of options depending on how he placed his hands and weight. Eventually around three minutes in after I’d locked down his leg he eventually passed my guard for three points and achieved mount for four points. I was seven points down. I swept him for two points, and stood up to pass his guard and unfortunately didn’t secure the position well enough to get the three points (as you can see the referee about to award the points when Jake recovers quarter guard and so I received an advantage instead, though I didn’t know it at the time) and then I stood up to knee slide and passed his guard and made sure to secure the points.

So there’s a minute or so left on the clock and I try to mount him. It’s a sloppy attempt, and I knew it at the time, and I’m capable of better. So I got the mount for one second before I’m rolled off and failed to get the points that would win the match. I end up in guard with control of both sleeves. I tried to scissor sweep for the two points, which would’ve tied the match but had me ahead on the advantage, but I couldn’t commit to it well enough because I thought he’d step up and pass and then the clock ran out.

So I lost my first fight, and won the Bronze medal, with a great comeback performance. I could be proud of my performance but as a perfectionist I want to make sure that I don’t make those mistakes again.

But the take homes from the fight:

  • I can and should win in Ultra Heavy fights. Now I have the belief it should be easier to step on the mat next time. 
  • I know what went wrong with my technique and preparation that I can solve in time for the next competition.
  • Another match without being submitted and at no point was I in danger but I need to look at my style of fighting so as not to allow points to be scored on me.


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